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Let's face it - change is hard.

There are some great tricks that you can leverage for faster small incremental life changes, but, larger and more meaningful change takes time, and it takes work. The hard truth is that there is no magic wand for self-improvement. 

If you are truly serious about positive change, personal development, and achieving your goals though, there's good news. 

Behavior/Shift softens the burden of building better habits, improving your behaviors, adhering to your goals, creating better decision practices, and much more.

Behavior/Shift makes the work of meaningful change easier, more informed, and more enjoyable through tools that focus on continuous improvement. It still takes work, but we are here to guide you through the process and greatly improve your chances of success and building new behaviors that stick.  

No fluff, just science. 

Backed by a wealth of research and experience in the positive powers of behavioral science, Behavior Shift's tools “remove the fluff” and provide clarity to break down the barriers that limit change and inhibit positive behaviors and decisions.

Our tools blend both education and actionable exercises so that you can not only achieve change, but also understand the psychological reasons WHY that change occurs. 

Give our resources a try and use them as intended, and, while we cannot promise that they will turn you into the next billionaire, we can promise that – with a little work – you will think more intentionally, see better productivity, achieve more goals, and start making more informed decisions.

And, best of all – these incremental changes can compound upon each other and help you lead a more satisfying and successful approach to life.

Whether you are trying to achieve a life goal; starting a company, leveling up at the gym, or simply spending more time doing what you love; improve your habits; understand why you make certain decisions and how to improve them; enhance your productivity; or simply think more intentionally - Behavior Shift is here to help you navigate the journey.

Our patrons have used our tools to publish books, to improve their leadership skills, to think more positively, to live healthier lives, and much more! Where will Behavior/Shift take you?

Ready to disrupt your status quo? Start your journey here. 

Thank you ~ Kurt, Ben, Alex, and Alexa 

Meet Brain/Shift:

Meet the Team

Behavior Shift is the collaborative brainchild of Kurt Nelson PhD, Ben Granlund M.A., Alex Belanger, and Alexa Cover. We are a small but dedicated team of Behavioral Scientists, Motivational Experts, Communicators, and Designers.

We started Behavior Shift to bridge the gap between behavioral research and meaningful real-world application.

After over 25 years of experience working with organizations to improve motivation, engagement, and goal attainment - our team decided in 2020 that it was time to make these insights accessible to all.

After years of development, we have landed on a boutique suite of personal development products that break down the barriers to positive self-change. We look forward to you joining the success story.

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    The Lantern Group is a Behavioral Design and Communications Agency

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    Behavioral Grooves is the podcast that Explores "Why we do what we do"

    Stories, science, and secrets from the world’s brightest thought-leaders. Behavioral Grooves is the podcast that satisfies your human curiosity by exploring "why we do what we do". Weekly episodes explore big ideas about human behavior in an easy-to-understand format. From best-selling authors to newcomers, you'll learn insights from the sharpest minds in behavioral science, psychology, behavioral economics, social science, decision science, neuroscience, and more.

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