The Brain/Shift Journal Series

The Brain/Shift Journal series is the only guided journal series designed exclusively by Behavioral Scientists to help you achieve your goals. Each volume of Brain/Shift can either be used on its own, or as part of the Brain/Shift series.

These 13-week guided journals use scientifically proven methods to help you set and achieve the goals that will drive success. Stop letting procrastination or lack of clarity hold you back from achieving your goals and the life that you deserve.

Brain/Shift is a perfect gift for yourself or someone you love! Take Charge of Your Life and use the power of behavioral science to help chart a path to success and happiness.   

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4 Volumes | 52 Weeks

4 Volumes

Each volume of Brain/Shift leverages a different set of behavioral principles to help you achieve your goals. Try each journal in the series on their own, at any time, on your terms; use one volume repeatedly; or try out the entire series in order! Its your shift, do what works best for you.

13 Weeks Each | 52 Weeks Together

Each volume guides you through 13 weeks of exercises and education and insights. Every week starts with an educational overview of a decision-based behavioral insight so you can better understand your decision-making processes and influences. Each insight ties into your daily actions so that you can put them to use right away. Order all four and enjoy a full year of guided journaling.

Volume 1: Habits

Brain/Shift Volume 1 helps you achieve your goals by combining the principles of goal theory and habit formation tools. From the habit loop to willpower, each psychological principle builds upon the previous to enhance the improve your daily behaviors that may be limiting your goal adherence.

Volume 2: Decisions

Brain/Shift Volume 2 specifically focuses on leveraging decision science, decision-based biases, decision based heuristics, and decision tools to help you achieve your biggest (and smallest) goals.

Volume 3: Motivation (Coming Soon)

Brain/Shift Volume 3 is currently in development and focuses on the power of motivation in goal attainment. Coming soon!

Volume 4: Identity (Coming Soon)

Brain/Shift Volume 4 is currently in development and helps you leverage positive self identity practices and self schemas to make your dreams a reality. Coming soon!