Leadership Development & Team Engagement

According to Gallup, 66% of the U.S. workforce self-reports as disengaged from their work. Additionally, according to The Achievers - a reported 79% of employees who left their organization recalled zero recognition from their employer within the past 6 months.

Behavior/Shift can help by shedding light on the human side of work, help you engage your teams, and show your commitment their wellbeing. Our actionable tools help you develop as a leader and show your employees you are invested in their wellbeing.

Enhance your leadership skills

The Leading Human Playbook is a 104-page comprehensive guide and workbook to help you build a positive workplace that deals effectively with today's anxieties and stresses. Learn from the experts on how to Create Human-Centered Teams at your company to foster performance and growth. Developed in partnership with the Behavioral Grooves Podcast.

Looking for more?

We also help companies think, act, and communicate more effectively through our consulting company. The Lantern Group is "A Behavioral Design and Communications Agency" that fuses behavioral science, organizational strategy, design, and communication to help the world’s premier companies understand people, communicate better, lead better, and enhance performance.