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Behavior Shift

The Quick/Shift Bundle [digital downloads]

The Quick/Shift Bundle [digital downloads]

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Get a fast start on goal achievement and enhanced decisions. Save with Goal/Shift and Decision/Shift.

Make more informed decisions and improve your goal success. 

Decision Shift is a 30 page module that educates you in the sciences behind your decision making processes and helps you understand and tackle the biases and heuristic that are holding you back or inhibiting that process. Once equipped with a better understanding of your decision-making processes and influences, you will explore the four core core decision types, identify which type you are facing in the moment, and leverage a series of actional decision making tools to make more effective decisions. 

Goal/Shift is a 17-page guide and actionable module that provides you with a foundational understanding of the underlying behaviors and motivations that influence your success in achieving goals, helps you establish goals that align to what you truly desire, and walks you through proven scientific methods to help achieve them.

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