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The Brain/Shift Journal: DECISIONS and Goals (FREE Shipping)

The Brain/Shift Journal: DECISIONS and Goals (FREE Shipping)

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Tap into the power of decision science to achieve your goals.

The second volume of the bestselling Brain/Shift Goal Journal series. Brain/Shift Volume 2 can either be used on its own as a standalone journal, or as part of the Brain/Shift series. Each volume of Brain/Shift leverages a different set of behavioral principles to help you achieve your goal. While other volumes focus on improving goals through habits, motivation, and identify - BrainShift Volume 2 specifically focuses on leveraging, decision science, decision-based biases and heuristics, and decision tools to help you achieve your biggest (and smallest) goals.

Built by behavioral scientists, this 13-week guided journal is designed to tap into your underlying human nature and decision-making processes to help you achieve your goals. The journal is laid out to help you identify and then achieve your most important goals. Then, each week you will explore a new decision-based behavioral insight and learn how to leverage it to drive greater happiness, productivity, and goal achievement. Utilizing psychological principles including priming, goal-activation, commitment devices, habit formation, and gratitude, BrainShift journals provide you with tools to break out of the status quo and drive success. Establish your goals and then harness the power of behavioral science to improve your life in just a few minutes a day!

You will: 

LEVERAGE DECISION SCIENCE & BEHAVIORAL SCIENCE TO DRIVE SUCCESS: Each week starts with an educational overview of a decision-based behavioral insight so you can better understand your decision-making processes and influences. Each insight ties into your daily actions so that you can put them to use right away.
UNLOCK THE POWER OF GOALS: Research shows that goals are powerful motivators that drive increased persistence and improved performance. By identifying your "keystone goals" (those big goals that drive your success), you tap into the energy and focus that goals provide. BrainShift’s weekly and monthly goal check-ins keep you accountable to yourself and let you track your progress for increased motivation. 

UNLEASH THE POWER OF DAILY PRIMING EXERCISES: at the top of each page, we have you write down how you want to show up each day. This simple action primes our subconscious, which in turn makes it more likely that we will behave in that manner. By setting our expectations for the day, we make that outcome more likely.

MAXIMIZE IMPACT THROUGH DAILY ACTIONS:  Each day you are guided through a few different questions that help you achieve your goals and dive deeper into what drives your decisions, motivates your actions, and makes you happy. These questions are structured throughout the week to build on each other and leverage each week’s unique behavioral insight.  

SHIFT YOUR MINDSET. Refill your happiness through daily gratitude practices, priming exercises, and thought inspiring questions. Gratitude practices can rewire your brain to be more focused on the positive aspects of life. BrainShift’s daily gratitude prompts help you explore a different aspect of gratitude each day and leverage it to the fullest. Priming exercises activate our subconscious. At the top of each page you will write down how you want to show up each day, which in turn makes it more likely that we will behave in that manner. And, thought provoking questions round out each week to drive you to think about your life from a different perspective or lens.  

KEEP SHIFTING. The BehaviorShift® family of journals, tools, and life improvement resources are each powerful on their own but are also designed to build upon each other. Try each journal in the series on their own, at any time, on your terms; use one volume repeatedly; or try out the entire series in order! Its your shift, do what works best for you. 

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  • "I've had journals before and benefitted from the process, but Brain/Shift made a HUGE difference. It is well organized, and the "nudges" were easy to understand and implement. In one aspect of my life, I was really stuck and working through the 13-week journal I could feel and see the progress... Would I buy the journal again? I already have!"

    Nancy H.

    Amazon Customer
  • "I love that Brain/Shift teaches me Behavioral Science while setting and achieving my goals. The journal is a great tool to help me identify my goals and the simple daily action steps needed to drive me toward achieving them! "

    Dean S.

    Minneapolis, MN
  • "Bain/Shift has been very helpful in BOTH my personal life and my work life. The concepts are practical, and the scientific approach helps ensure I take action and follow through on my goals."

    Andrew H.

    Minneapolis MN