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Behavior Shift

The Behavior Bundle PLUS

The Behavior Bundle PLUS

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Save with everything in the Behavior Bundle PLUS the 2024 Behavior/Shift Calendar.

You'll get:

  • 2 Goal Journal for 26 weeks of guided journaling
    • The Brain/Shift Journal Volume 1: 13 weeks built on habit theory x goal theory
    • The Brain/Shift Journal Volume 2: 13 weeks rooted in decision science x goal theory
  • The Goal/Shift Digital Download: A 13 week goal-guide to help you set better goals
  • The Decision/Shift Digital Download:  A decision module packed with 30-pages of insights and actionable decision tools
  • PLUS the Behavior/Shift Calendar: 52 weeks of goal accountability calendar to keep you on track

The details:

Note: products fulfilled separately.

Brain/Shift Volume 1 is a 13-week journal that utilizes actionable prompts to engage psychological principles including priming, goal-activation, commitment devices, habit formation, and gratitude - all while teaching you how to build better habits to increase your goal success. 

Brain/Shift Volume 2 provides another 13-weeks that specifically focuses on leveraging decision science, decision-based biases and heuristics, and decision tools to help you achieve your biggest (and smallest) goals.

Goal/Shift is a 17-page guide and actionable module that provides you with a foundational understanding of the underlying behaviors and motivations that influence your success in achieving goals, helps you establish goals that align to what you truly desire, and walks you through proven scientific methods to help achieve them.

Decision Shift is a 30 page module that educates you in the sciences behind your decision making processes and helps you understand and tackle the biases and heuristic that are holding you back or inhibiting that process. Once equipped with a better understanding of your decision-making processes and influences, you will explore the four core core decision types, identify which type you are facing in the moment, and leverage a series of actional decision making tools to make more effective decisions.

The Behavior Shift Calendar and helps you establish and maintain your goals on a monthly cadence while exploring 12 goal and habit based behavioral insights and how to overcome them (or leverage them). Start each month off with a goal, then break it down into manageable action steps then check in on and rate your progress 2x per month. Each month also visualizes one behavioral insight in a clean and visually compelling graphic, explains it in an easy-to-understand way, offers some actionable advice on how to overcome it (or in some cases leverage it), provides a relevant and inspiring quote to put you in the right mindset.


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