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The Goal/Shift Module - Unleash the Power of Goals [digital download]

The Goal/Shift Module - Unleash the Power of Goals [digital download]

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Identify, plan, and achieve your most influential goals.

Setting the right goals for yourself is essential for living a successful life. Clear goals can help you stay focused, increase motivation, and give you a sense of direction. However, choosing and achieving these goals is often difficult and can feel overwhelming.

Goal/Shift removes your goal barriers.

Goal/Shift is a 17-page guide and actionable module (to use either digitally or in print) that provides you with a foundational understanding of the underlying behaviors and motivations that influence your success in achieving goals, helps you establish goals that align to what you truly desire, and walks you through proven scientific methods to help achieve them.

Over a 7-week period, you will: 
1) Identify what goals align to your true desires 
2) Define and refine one large keystone goal to act on 
3) Put a plan place to achieve it 
4) Break your goal into actionable steps 
5) Reflect, learn, and apply your success and failures to improve future goals 

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