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Behavior Shift

The Daily/Shift 13-Week Tear-off Desktop Planner

The Daily/Shift 13-Week Tear-off Desktop Planner

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Make the most out of every day the 13-week 8.5" x 11" Daily/Shift tear-off desktop planner.

The Daily Shift Planner is a simple but powerful tool to break out of the status quo and drive success. This planner is designed to tap into cognitive theory, use the motivation of incremental progress, leverage priming theory, and develop consistent habits so you can make the most out of your day.

Each day you will:

• Set your daily intention to prime your mental state for the day
• Identify your biggest priority for the day and break it down into smaller more attainable steps
• Time-block your schedule for optimized productivity
• Refill your happiness with a daily gratitude
• Pre-plan "brain breaks" to avoid burnout, refresh, and reset
• Doodle, take notes, and jot down your ideas
• Rate and reflect upon your day for continuous improvement

The Daily/Shift planner is laid out to identify your most important daily priority and then set a plan in place to achieve it.

It helps you break that priority into smaller, incremental tasks that mitigate cognitive overload ensuring you make progressive steps toward that larger goal and maintain motivation.

It then uses time-blocking methods to avoid distraction and create an actionable strategy to make that priority more attainable.

You will also pre-plan 3 daily brain breaks to refresh, reset, and avoid burnout. Use these as an opportunity to step away from your routine and recenter yourself. Take a walk, read a book, meditate, water the garden, sketch - whatever works for you. Brain breaks allow your prefrontal cortex to remove itself from the task at hand and thus, allow other unique information stored in your mental memory to break through. This often leads to those "aha" moments when you may otherwise be lacking inspiration.

Next, find positivity through capturing a daily gratitude. Start with a daily gratitude theme to prime the mind and then reflect upon what about that theme makes you feel grateful. Daily gratitude practices, when done consistently, have been proven to lead to a more positive and optimistic approach to life.

At the bottom of the page, the planner has an area for you to keep track of your thoughts and ideas, log your appointments, or let your mind wander with doodles and notes.

Finally, you will rate your daily progress - while the rating itself is simple, it allows you to reflect back upon the day and think about what went well and what did not so that you can learn from your wins and losses moving forward.

A theme bank is available for gratitudes, brain breaks, and daily priming exercises to help you get started or to tap into when you are feeling stuck. Harness the power of behavioral science to make the most out of every day, in just a few minutes each day!

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