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The Decision/Shift Module - Unleash the Power of Purposeful Decisions [digital download]

The Decision/Shift Module - Unleash the Power of Purposeful Decisions [digital download]

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Understand, identify, and improve "how you decide."

Improving the quality of your decisions is paramount to enhancing your life. Every day, you make thousands of decisions that impact your day, week, month, year, and inevitably your life. Some are big, most are small, but they can all compound and impact each other.

Developing smarter decision practices can make a big difference in your long-term results. Putting a system in place to guide your decision-making process will enhance your outcomes. 

Leverage decision science & behavioral science to make more purposeful decisions. 

Decision Shift educates you in the sciences behind your decision making processes and helps you understand and tackle the biases and heuristic that are holding you back or inhibiting that process. Understanding the underlying factors that have influenced your past decisions can help you improve how you make decisions moving forward. 

Not all decisions are the same - understand your decision type. 

Once equipped with a better understanding of your decision-making processes and influences, you will explore the four core core decision types based on impact and difficulty, and identify which type you are facing in the moment. 

Take action... 

From simple pause strategies to detailed weight and rate tools - Decision Shift equips you with a series of actional decision making tools. These tools are designed to help you tackle everyday decisions more effectively and with greater confidence for better outcomes. 

This 30-page module (to use either digitally or in print) provides you with a foundational understanding of the underlying behaviors and motivations that influence your decisions, helps you that align your decisions to what you truly desire, and walks you through proven scientific methods to help improve your decisions making processes and outcomes.

Use it again and again - Decision Shift helps guide you through all decision types regardless of scale and influence. These tools never expire so keep it on deck for those big (or little) defining moments in life. 

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