Quick Tips: The Fresh Start Effect

Quick Tips: The Fresh Start Effect

Fresh starts help us separate our current behavior from our future behavior. As humans we tend to idealize our future selves, which means that events allowing us to separate these two “beings” can initiate a psychological reset between the two, boost our motivation, and help us achieve our goal(s).

We are often driven to take on new goals following a significant moment - the new year, the start of the month, a Monday, or our birthday to name a few.

We ALSO tend to get a motivational boost on our existing goals when these events occur and can use them to keep us on track.

To increase your motivation for a new goal or project, initiate it at an important milestone (i.e., fresh tart event). To increase motivation on an existing goal, use these fresh start events as a conscious and intentional personal reset button.

Cartoon of the behavioral principle "the fresh start effect"

Natural fresh start events occur year-round, BUT we can also create our own to boost motivation. Struggling to finish that project you have been working on? Set a milestone that occurs right after your next vacation. Losing motivation on weight loss? Introduce a new process or try a new tool to shake things up. Looking to build a new habit? Start on the first of the month.

Cheers to fresh starts.

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