How to Use Journaling

How to Use Journaling

We launched Volume 1 of the Brain/Shift journal just over a year ago. Hundreds of people have used this science based guided journal to change their lives. Here are a couple of examples of how people have used the journal.  


Finishing a book. 

Mark H. had already written a book, so he was a bit flustered when he found himself stuck during his second writing endeavor. His co-author was growing increasingly anxious as it appeared that Mark was not fully contributing, and their looming deadline seemed destined to be missed.  

That’s when Mark was introduced to The Brain/Shift Journal.  

Mark used Brain/Shift not only to help focus him on a daily writing routine, but also to help him take some calculated risks and to say “no” to some other non-priority things that he would have typically said yes to.  Using the keystone goals and the weekly planning process, Mark not only successfully completed the second book but also embarked on the development of a third one.   


Finding balance. 

Ann B. needed to find some balance in her life.  Work had become all encompassing, and while she loved it, she knew that it would burn her out if she didn’t do something to make a change.  Ann used The Brain/Shift Journal to set aside time for herself and focus on her family each week.  It was a practice of not letting the immediate needs and desires of work overpower the larger keystone goal of balance and family.  She stated, “I love it.  Using this just helps me keep perspective when everyone is pushing me for more, more, more…”   


Building a Meditation Practice 

Rick R. had set a New Years resolution that just wasn’t working.  After getting The Brain/Shift Journal however, Rick stated, “I had a new year's resolution to develop a meditation practice that didn't stick, in part because I wanted something more tangible. This journal is that tangible opportunity that I needed to move the needle in my habits and be more mindful. It's honestly one of my favorite parts of the day, to challenge myself and be more thoughtful on how I want to show up today." 

Each of these people successfully used The Brain/Shift Journal to move forward and disrupt their status quo.  But these are only a small sampling of the many ways that you could use this journal.  Other ideas for how to use Brain/Shift to drive success: 

  • Get into shape – set up your keystone goals to achieve a fitness goal and structure your weekly plan to ensure that your goals are met.  
  • Financial security – help ensure that you are managing your finances in a manner that aligns with your long-term goals.  
  • Time management – use the journal to help you better manage your time and prioritize the tasks that you have.  
  • Start a new business – put the focus on taking the actions necessary to get that idea that has been in your head to the real world – the Brain/Shift Journal is a great tool to help you strategize as well as implement.  
  • Stress relief – the journal includes a focus on gratitude each day, but it can be used to really set up routines and habits that can release stress and make your life more enjoyable.  
  • Improve relationships – use the journal to reflect on your interactions with others and explore ways to improve and work on those relationships.   

There are so many different ways to use The Brain/Shift Journal to improve your life.  What will you use if for?    

UPDATE: We have just released Volume 2 of The Brain/Shift Journal series which focuses on decision making!  Updated with new and improved planning processes and reflection sections – our newest journal will help you make better decisions and improve your life! 

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