Fresh Start Effect

Fresh Start Effect

The Fresh Start Effect is a psychological phenomenon that suggests people are more likely to take action toward a goal after temporal landmarks. A temporal landmark is a point in time that stands out from other days, making you feel like you're starting a new chapter. These could be days like the start of a new year, your birthday, the beginning of a school semester, or even the start of a new month or week. The concept was popularized by Katy Milkman, a professor who studies decision-making and behavioral economics. 


Why Is It Important? 

The Fresh Start Effect is important because motivation can be hard to come by. Life is busy and full of distractions. Sometimes you might lose focus on what you really want to achieve. The Fresh Start Effect can give you that extra push. It's like a natural energy boost for your willpower. 


How Should You Use It? 

Identify Fresh Start Moments: These could be big things like New Year's Day or your birthday, or smaller things like the beginning of a new month or even a Monday. Recognize these as opportunities for a fresh start and use them to help you achieve your goals.  

Plan: Figure out the steps you need to take to reach your goal. If it's a grade you're after, maybe that means setting aside time every day for homework and study.  Using a tool to help you figure out the plan and the steps to the plan can be very helpful.   

Take Action: Once your fresh start moment arrives, jump in! Start working toward your goal right away. 

Track Your Progress: Keep a record of how you're doing. Celebrate small wins, and if you slip up, don't get discouraged. Remember, there's always another fresh start moment around the corner. 

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