Beyond Small Wins: Achieve Big with Keystone Goals

Beyond Small Wins: Achieve Big with Keystone Goals

Our work with goals and goal setting has underscored for us the need to have Keystone Goals. 

Keystone goals are aspirational goals, that when achieved positively impact other areas of your life.  Some people might call these BHAGs (Big Hairy Audacious Goals) or North Star Goals – but whatever you call them, when properly set, they can be powerful motivators that are critical to long-term success.   

Identifying your keystone goal is a pivotal step in your journey to your development and ultimate success. Keystone goals can have a profound significance in shaping the trajectory of your life. Here's why pinpointing your keystone goal is so crucial and what it can do for you: 


Ripple Effect:

Keystone goals are like the epicenter of a life-changing earthquake. When you achieve them, they send positive waves throughout different aspects of your life. The accomplishments in one area trigger improvements in others. For instance, if your keystone goal is to maintain a healthy lifestyle, you may find that it not only improves your physical health but also positively impacts your mental well-being, relationships, and even your career. It's the embodiment of the saying, "Success breeds success." 

    Motivation Catalyst:

    Keystone goals serve as a dynamic catalyst for motivation. They have the power to ignite your intrinsic, inner drive and keep it burning brightly. When you have a clear, compelling objective that resonates with your core values and long-term vision, you're more likely to stay committed and motivated, even when faced with challenges. This enduring motivation becomes the driving force behind your actions and decisions. 


    Path to Ongoing Success:

    Keystone goals are distinct from ordinary goals in that they set the stage for continuous achievement. They aren't just about winning small battles; they're about winning the war. Once you identify and achieve a keystone goal, it paves the way for the pursuit of new goals and further success. It's like a stepping stone to your ultimate vision, helping you progress consistently and in the right direction. 


    Focus and Clarity:

    Identifying your keystone goal sharpens your focus and provides clarity – each and every day. It enables you to filter out the noise and distractions, making it easier to prioritize your time and efforts. This precision in goal setting helps you make decisions that are in alignment with your objectives, thereby reducing the chances of aimless wandering and wasted energy. 


      While there are many aspects of Keystone Goals, you can ask yourself the following questions to help ensure that these goals meet the “keystone” criteria:  

      • Does this goal align with my long-term vision? 
      • Will achieving this goal benefit other aspects of my life? 
      • Can I fully commit to this goal? 
      • Does it match my values and priorities? 
      • Is it in line with my authentic self? 
      • Does it challenge me? 
      • Does it provide sufficient motivation during challenges? 
      • Will achieving it impact my personal and professional growth? 
      • Will it have a positive impact on those around me? 

      Having keystone goals are like setting the compass for your life's journey. It ensures you're headed in the right direction and provides you with the motivation to keep moving forward.  

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