Beyond Ambition: Navigating Goals with Accountability

Beyond Ambition: Navigating Goals with Accountability

Accountability is about delivering on the commitments that we make and taking responsibility for the outcomes of our actions.


In goal setting adding an extra layer of accountability increases your chances of goal achievement. Research from Dominican University found that participants who added an accountability measure into their goal planning were twice as likely to achieve their goals than those who did not.

After you've identified what it is you want to accomplish and in what timeframe you will accomplish it by, the next step to goal success is to figure out how you will keep accountable for your progress towards your goal.


Try incorporating an accountability technique from our list!


  • Accountability Partnerships - Find an accountability partner that is either working towards a similar goal as yours or someone you trust to confide in. Set a time for regular check-in's with each other to share your progress and offer each other support as you work towards your goals.

  • Public Commitments - Making a public commitment to your goal can increase your accountability to said goal by leveraging social influence. Psychologically we are wired to want to maintain and uphold our public image. By making a commitment public, we feel greater determination to accomplish our goals in order to uphold our image. 

  • Visual Accountability Boards - Incorporate visual aids to act as a reminder of what you want to achieve and to track your progress towards achieving it. Visual reminders increase motivation and keeps you focused. Seeing the progress you are making towards your goals creates a positive feedback loop which keeps your motivation high.



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